lørdag 3. september 2011

Call for participat​ion in global performanc​e : Wanna get your feet wet for the sake of art?

After our previous performance event Festival dão Stuga >>> http://henrikhedinge.blogspot.com/2011/08/aug-24-festival-dao-stuga-performance.html

...there is a NEW EVENT!!!

7th of September - Halmstad Sea Performance Festival
On the 15 km long sand beach 'East Beach' in Halmstad (Sweden) we will do the next
performance event (summer ending here so might be rain and storm or
sunshine). We're patching the program together with the locals.
THE INTERNATIONAL IDEA is WAVE CROQUIS - life drawing of waves (not
sure how to put it into English). Person walks down into the sea
water, at least so both feet are wet. Person brings along paper and
pencil. When in the water the person tries to draw the waves that pases
around the person. PLUS everyone will do it on the 7th of september in
some kind of physical contact - we connect in better ways than
facebook - global performance.

You like the idea? Wanna get wet with us? (You do it in the sea close to you, we do
it in Sweden). Trying to get people on board at different places of the world.

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